§3 ch5: Working with Contracted Treatment Providers

Attachment G:  Genetic/Paternity Testing

When CD requests or is court ordered to seek a genetic test and FSD is not able to schedule or pay for genetic testing, CD will be responsible for scheduling the test. In these cases, CD staff should use the following steps:

Genetic Testing

Steps for Children’s Division Staff:

  1. Court Ordered Genetic Testing for Alleged Fathers
    1. Case Manager (CM) obtains copy of court order.
    2. Case Manager completes referral form, with identifying information including DCN’S and social security numbers for child, alleged father(s) and mother, addresses, and with whom they want the child tested. All participants must have DCN’s for the referral to be accepted, this includes an alleged father who may or may not be part of a case plan.

      When possible the Case Manager should include the mother in all genetic testing. This is important in that when the mother is also tested it gives a much higher validity to the test.

    3. Case Manager faxes or hand delivers the completed referral form and copy of court order to assigned Regional Liaison.
  2. Payment of Testing, Copy of Results
    1. Per contract language, the awarded contractor will send invoice for payment and results of the test to the respective CD regional liaison at the provided address.
    2. Within one business day of receiving results, the Regional Liaison will send the results to the referring Case Manager.
    3. The Regional Liaison will process the invoice for payment.
    4. Regional Liaison will keep a copy of the referral form in the Regional Office.
  3. Regional Liaison Steps for Genetic Testing
    1. The Regional Liaison will ensure that the referral form is filled out completely with names, addresses, and DCN’s for all participants and that they have also received the court order for the case. The Regional Liaison will fax the referral form and court order to the genetic testing contracted provider, Paternity Testing Corporation. Once the Regional Liaison confirms the specific time, date and place the testing will take place, they will fill in the specific address for the test and will fax or hand deliver within 2 working days to the Case Manager.
    2. When possible the Case Manager will be present at the testing for facilitation purposes. The Case Manager will also be responsible to make sure the individuals that need to be tested are notified of the testing, and arrange for them to be at the correct location. Notification should be accomplished in writing, which should be a letter generated from the Case Manager. The referral form should not be given to individuals outside of the agency. The referral form contains confidential information on other individuals which can not be shared. The Case Manager, will also inform the participants that they:
      • must have photo ID/birth certificate with them at testing
      • should not eat or drink for 30 min. prior to the testing
      • must be accompanied by a parent or guardian if the individual to be tested is a minor

      NOTE:(If the mother is a minor but has a child, she is considered emancipated. All alleged father’s who are minors must have a parent/guardian present at testing.)

    3. The Regional Liaison will maintain a copy of the original Case Manager’s referral, a copy of the court order, and copy of the complete referral sent to PTC. The Regional Liaison will keep an automated log (EXCEL) of all referrals made to the Region, which should include: Participant Names, DCN, Worker, Date Received, PTC Case Number, County, Date Initiated, Date Tested, and Date Concluded

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